Intermodal terminal Stara Zagora, Bulgaria 

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The terminal in Stara Zagora is the oldest one operating internal terminal in Bulgaria. It was established in 1978. Since 1990 its operator is the company Metalimpex 2003 EOOD. The central geographical location of the terminal gives a great strategic advantage. It is located on the route of the railway line, which directly connects Rotterdam (Netherlands), Antwerp (Belgium) and Duisburg (Germany) with Istanbul (Halkali terminal) and is the main railway route from the Middle East to Europe and back. At the same time, the terminal is in close proximity (10 km) to the connection to the Trakia highway, and through it to the 4 international transport corridors passing through Bulgaria and serving the freight traffic.

Thanks to the available infrastructure, facilities and well-trained team we can perform any task efficiently and quickly. Recently, the terminal in Stara Zagora successfully managed to reloading and organizing the transportation of 18-meter long steel pipes needed for the construction of the gas pipeline between Komotini and Stara Zagora during the implementation of the IGB Project (Greece-Bulgaria Gas Interconnection). The order was awarded by the leader in the maritime transport and logistics in Bulgaria Bon Marine.

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