Intermodal terminal Stara Zagora, Bulgaria 

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The terminal serves all types of cargo - containers, bulk raw materials, metals, cast iron, ore, iron concentrates, aggregates, coal, pipes of all sizes, metal structures, raw materials and products of organic chemistry, finished products, agricultural and other equipment, pallet shipments and big bag. Delivery is made to the customer's door in Bulgaria, regardless of location.

The terminal has:

  • two rail gantry cranes - 35 tons and 20 tons
  • forklifts
  • railway lines in 7 tracks with a length of 360 meters for each
  • 14 hectares of concrete tracks
  • areas with the possibility of servicing 1300 containers.

The terminal can serve different types of wagons, namely: Tamns, Res, Ealos, Eaos, Hopper Uagpps, Habins, Rils, Sgns. It also has a ramp for Rola trains.

At least one block of train with a length of 520 meters is serviced every week. The activity includes unloading incoming cargo, reloading on trucks and redirecting to the recipient's door.

The service of Metalimpex 2003 EOOD at the terminal in Stara Zagora guarantees security and reliability in the activities related to the cargo - receiving, storage, loading and unloading activities, strengthening, preparation of the necessary documents, etc. This means that the cargo will arrive at its end point as it was sent.

Customs controls on goods arriving or departing from outside the European Union are carried out on the spot.

Transit cargo is also serviced, processing the necessary documents so that the goods can continue with their transportation to the desired destination.

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